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 Sylvan Township Clerk

Kathleen Kennedy

18027 Old US 12
Chelsea, MI  48118
(734) 475-8890, ext 116


The Clerk is responsible for voter registration and for conducting all local, State and Federal elections. In addition to voting and elections, the Clerk has numerous record keeping duties, including all township records, the Board of Trustees minutes, the voter registration files, and the Book of Oaths and the Ordinance Book. Other duties of the Clerk include posting special meeting notices and legal notices, preparing checks, and overseeing the preparation of financial statements. In addition, the Clerk of Sylvan Township serves as the Freedom of Information Act Coordinator, and manager of Maple Grove Cemetery.

State of Michigan – Everything a voter needs to know

NOTE: The Clerk's Office will receive ballots for the November 2020 election by September 21. They need to be tested in the tabulator prior to being issued. Therefore, if you haven't received your absentee ballot by the first full week in October, please contact the Clerk at or at 734-475-8890, ext. 116.